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She is at present producer of a popular radio series, Le Bon Plaisir, in which she covers in a fresh, highly personal way themes from Morocco to Israel, from Italy to Tunisia, all fragrant with deep nostalgia for her childhood and youth.Something of the tremulous beauty of her daily world can be found in more permanent form in Colette Fellous’ books.

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Lamyaa believes that her point of view on Islam is what triggered the aggressive response. If it's what you feel like you want to do, go ahead.

One of the best is the well-known Tunisian author Colette Fellous, whose charming autobiographical work, Le Petit Casino, has appeared from Gallimard.

As in the writings of many Arabs, the house and its guardian angel, the mother, form essential elements in the basic themes of childhood, adolescence and the inevitable, heart-rending departure from home, usually to foreign lands.

With all due respect to my beloved and respected shuyukh, to whom I owe much of the knowledge I have gained about my religion, and for inspiring me to higher spiritual goals in my life, I firmly believe teaching female sexuality should be primarily handled by females – especially those who counsel on marital issues, psychologically or spiritually, and are familiar with the extended intimacy problems amongst women.

We already have issues with Muslim women not being sexually satisfied in their marriages, and these issues are exacerbated when women hesitate before approaching a male scholar to discuss their sexual challenges.

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