Dating your quilt

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My passion for the mission of the AAQ comes from an understanding that objects, like the one in my humble collection, have an undisputed inherent value.

A documentation consists of two parts: a history of the quilt and its maker, and a physical examination of the quilt.

Alliance for American Quilts, has penned a how-to project and a call for the importance of labeling quilts (and artworks of all kinds) for the sake of staking a spot in handmade history and taking pride and authorship in your craft.

Do you have a quilt that holds a special spot in your heart or family history? I have been working as Executive Director of the Alliance for American Quilts (AAQ) for the past five years.

When a Documentation Day is planned, the local organizing group should make an appointment for each quilt (at least 30 minutes per item).

A Quilt History form (3 pages) should be provided in advance to the owner for each item being documented.

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