Most intimidating football uniforms Free adult home personal webcams

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With blue and “old gold” as the Mountaineers’ school colors, the football team stands out against any opponent.

I personally like their yellow jerseys the best, as the bright color makes the team fun to watch as they sprint across the field.

The best uniforms can also be some of the league's most basic and simple.

This classic Lady Liberty emblem, set against a dark navy backdrop, is an all-time fan favorite, and stood out among the cartoonish graphics that plagued the NHL youth movement of the late-90s (see: the New York Islanders, Anaheim Mighty Ducks, Phoenix Coyotes). After watching the London team don these as throwbacks in the lead-up to last summer's Games, it's a wonder they ever changed the jersey at all.The black and orange combination not only reminds me of my favorite holiday, Halloween, but it is an intimidating combination.The bright orange and slick black would intimidate any opponent.It looks more like blue mixed with purple mixed with black.Also underrated: The orange paw on the shoulders but white paw on the helmet. This one falls under the maxim of: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."Georgia's normal uniforms are classic, beyond classic, cherished icons of the sport of college football. It's bold, but let's wait to see how it looks on the field.

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