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There were plenty of candles to keep the place lit (which is why there is a new garage in the same spot, but that is another story).

As the night continued, the guys in the room were all competing for the gals attention. "I can drink more than him.." ....[Read more] Alright, Me and my Boyfriend are always playing pranks on eachother (he's got an awesome sense of humor, that's why I love him!

I was so embarrassed, I didnt know what to do, I had to walk inside the mall naked and use the phone to call someone to pick me up. As the amount of alcohol consumed went up, common sense went down.

My friends thought it would be funny ....[Read more] This story always comes up at parties if i'm around old friends... It is worth noting that this garage was not attached to a house and had no electricity.

A young woman find herself extremely attracted to a fellow diver on a diving trip and explores just how far the limits will go when her sexual desire for him drives her to leave her aloof boyfriend to enjoy unbridled passion on a new level.

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