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Her parents are from Romania, and she grew up trilingual.

Bloom, who in the past year split with Katy Perry, was married to — and had a child with — Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr before they divorced in 2013.

They've been on and off and then on again so many times, it's hard to keep track of their status—so we've done the work for you.

Justin is head over heels for Sofia Richie — note the hand-holding, the posting of six Jofia selfies in a row — seemingly out of nowhere.

For those who travel alone, the warmth of the natives is as important as the sites.

When planning your next solo trip, you might want to consider one of these cities that were voted the most sociable in the world.

The footage was reportedly taken on February 25th, which was more than a week ago; and of course, the footage then prompted a response from Orlando’s rep, lest anyone think of dear Orly as a womanizing player.

His rep stated, “Before the rumors or falsifications get out of hand, we can confirm that Orlando and Katy are taking respectful, loving space at this time.” Well, isn’t that nice…

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At least it’s a welcome respite from ‘irreconcilable differences’, which has to be one of the most overused phrases in Hollywood, followed closely by ‘botox’ and ‘he’s cheating on her?!

“I think he’d be angry if he knew she had been sacked,” her friend told The Sun. “I don’t work at the Firehouse anymore and I won’t comment on anything that happened there,” Ross told The Sun.

Ross was born in Dublin, where she lived for six years, according to her profile on IMDb, where she is credited as an actress in a single film, “One Shot Left.” In 2001, she moved to Germany, and graduated from the Munich Film Academy in 2015.

Viviana Ross, 21, was pouring drinks for the 40-year-old “Pirates of the Caribbean” star — who was in London to promote his new film “Unlocked”— when she hit it off with him, The Sun reported. ” The manager quickly closed the door, and within an hour, Ross received a text informing her that she was fired for “fraternizing with clients.” Ross was “hurt” by the dismissal, but did not regret the tryst, her friend said.

She saw Bloom again outside the luxury Chiltern Firehouse restaurant and hotel, known for its celebrity guests, when her shift ended — and he invited her back to his five-star suite for a drink, her friend told The Sun. “There was real electricity between her and Orlando from the moment they saw each other,” the friend added.

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