Special operations dating and relationships

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When researchers do consider long-married military couples, they note that the divorce rate declines as couples become more senior.They hypothesize that those military couples who stay together are “less stressed” and “better suited to the lifestyle.” What does that mean exactly? The commissary is full of couples who have been married 20, 40, 60 years.They’ve probably been deployed overseas four to 10 times.The officers are generally approaching their mid-thirties; the enlisted men, their late twenties.Dean Stewart-Curry, lead for the Navy Equal Opportunity program."Navy leadership wanted Navy personnel to be clear on the fact that the policy also applies to joint services, as well as foreign militaries." Fraternization, generally, refers to personal relationships between officer and enlisted members that are unduly familiar.

I asked how they viewed their own work and how they viewed their spouse’s job.

They’ve had more schooling than most in the military.

They’re likely to be married with a couple of kids.

"I think marriage gives them a feeling of stability.

Soldiers' lives are constantly in danger and a lot of them have lost friends at such a young age, so a lot of them live for the present.

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