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As the autumn wind seeps through the windows into my room, I think about the long days ahead, staying inside with mugs of tea and chipping away at my dissertation.

I am halfway there, but feel like the end is a million miles away.

A by-product of all this is a musical composition comprised of all the missile hits. The exhibition excavates Goicolea's personal history of known and unknown Cuban relatives via photographic imagery.

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The off the shelf software we ended up choosing was Ska Date.I haven’t really found a good review of Ska Date out there, so I asked Max Chadwick to collaborate with me on a review.(Max provided some design, system configuration and project management, and I focused on back end system setup and data migration.) Updated 4/2: We used Ska Date 7.5, versions 14. Skadate pluses: I think Ska Date is a good choice for a basic dating site; if you need just the features in the demo and you’re willing to spend some time unraveling the administration UI and you are on a tight budget.I met up with Jeremy for Sunday roast at the nearby Salisbury Hotel. I ponder whether I will be a good citizen and vote in the upcoming election. In demonstrating this service - a weapon designed for future intergalactic wars and a communication system for humans living in multiple solar systems - his performance was hilarious and collaborative.He instructed the audience (via movement, sound and light) to fire missiles with the goal of sending an e-mail to his mom.

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