Accomodating students with learning

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According to the National Council of Teachers of English, students who do not find representations of their own cultures in texts are likely to lose interest in school-based literacies.

(Read how one new teacher learned this valuable lesson in this excerpt from .) Have your students complete a short survey on their outside interests and use that information to assist in building your lesson plans.

In its commitment to ensuring that no otherwise qualified student with a disability is subjected to unlawful discrimination in the context of his/her educational experience, the College makes certain that students with disabilities are provided equal access to educational and career development programs and/or student activities.

This is a more efficient approach for those students who learn better by listening than by writing.

I use a variety of materials and approaches in my classroom to help accommodate differences in learning style.

I use visual aids when presenting orally, to help both the visual and auditory learners.

All information associated with a disclosure of this nature is confidential, and the College will communicate this information to others only on a need-to-know basis.

Many of the students in Project Athena will be on free or reduced lunch status, be minority students or have a learning disability of some kind.

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