Who is kate gosselin dating now

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The reality star explained she doesn’t have time for blind dates with a house full of kids to run, but you can expect to see her attempt to date on the show.As previously reported by Us Weekly, the single mom briefly dated Dreamstime COO Jeff Prescott before splitting this past September.She has a lot on her plate, she does really well with what she has.The image people portray, and who she really is, are very different.” As Kate Gosselin boyfriend rumors continue (she has yet to address the new photos on social media), her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, hasn’t gotten himself out of the spotlight much.

With an estimated net worth of just 0,000, this is completely understandable. Kate Gosselin may be famous for being the world's busiest helicopter parent, but that's about where her association with the aircraft stops. Jon Gosselin had his stripping debut on Saturday night — as part of his 40th birthday celebration — only (a) he didn't actually strip, and (b) the whole thing was a bizarre April Fools' Day joke because he apparently hates the media?!?! Reports at the club — Dusk Nightclub in Atlantic City, New Jersey — had it that Jon was FAR from X-rated, only going so far as to show off a few (fully clothed) dance moves alongside the . Then, early this morning, Jon released a bizarre and kind of uncomfortable video on Facebook where he complained about the media and insinuated that the whole strip club joke was a spoof Splish splash, she is taking a pass!Ch-ch-check out a sneak peek of The joys of motherhood…When Kate Gosselin gave birth to sextuplets 12 years ago — on top of the twins she already had — she effectively signed the rest of her life away to raising those eight kids on camera. She had to pay for that many mouths to feed somehow!

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