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It’s emotionally exhausting, expensive, and time-consuming. But blind dates take the cake as the worst experience known to mankind. and we’re here to present the truest and most terrible stories around. There’s no telling who they are, what they’ve done, or what they’re capable of doing. But blind dates can also expose you to some totally weird, rude, and scary characters …

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However, for time’s sake, the Blind Date Club used dummy profiles to showcase how the technology works.

That being said, Tinder has become overrated because of the ads and the inability to swipe backward, and there are almost I give it a 4 out of 5 on a REALLY good day, but most days it’s like a 1.

I’ve meet some really great guys on Tinder, and then there’s some that are terribly frightening.

Due to Wi-Fi issues, Hanash chose to describe their hack onstage instead of demonstrating it, but we got a chance to check it out backstage.

To use The Blind Date Club, you begin by simply asking Alexa to find you a date.

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